Monday, February 6, 2012

Motivation Monday.

I love food.  All kinds.  A little too much.  I choose not to control myself around dips, especially those that include guac, olives, cheese, and loads of spicy, salty chips.  And cookies.  Specifically Paula Deen's monster cookies, made by yours truly for friends.  I ate so much yesterday during a Superbowl party that my stomach hurt and my pants were angrily cutting into me from all angles, even this morning. 

I really, really want to change this behavior but am not sure how.  It seems to be ingrained in me to excessively overeat during *celebration* events like this, even though I could have cared less about the game itself and couldn't remember who was playing until the game started.  I know.  I was in it for the friend-time and the commercials.

Because of this, I am declaring this Motivation Monday.  Don't lie, you need it too.

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