Monday, February 13, 2012

Never satisfied.

{Via Ripped & Fit on tumblr}

It's going to be an exciting week around these parts.  I'm having a nice dinner-in for Valentine's Day with my love, a day off on Wednesday, starting a new job starts on Thursday, and heading to Vegas on Friday evening.  I still have goals this week:

Do two runs outside, with one long run {if the sidewalk ice melts that is...}
Drink two Nalgene's of water each day
Do a Jillian Michael's dvd
Walk 3 miles every day I don't run.

There are some seriously inspiring athletic photos at this tumblr site - Ripped & Fit.  Ok, there might be a few too many muscle-y ladies pictures {not really my scene since I can't do a single proper push-up} but it's so much more positive than looking at a super skinny model magazine website.

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