Monday, January 23, 2012


Strange muscles in my arms and core are crazy sore this morning from a Level 2 yoga class last night - this teacher legit kicks my butt. Every class I go to of hers is different. Last night there were a lot of one-legged poses (which is not the proper term I know, but I can't really do them anyways, at all) and planks. Ugh plank. My arms are so weak.

Even though my teacher is amazing it's always hard to motivate myself to go. It's a solid 90 minutes of class and it's a 30 minute walk each way from my house, meaning that it takes up my whole evening if I take a class during the week. Whine, whine I know. This is why I'm putting this out there on the interwebz. For motivation.

I also discovered a new product this weekend at TJ's (err, Trader Joe's). Go Bananas - frozen banana slices covered in chocolate (at only 33 calories each!).  It might just be new to me. Yummm.

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