Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A warm-up.

I am even more sore from Sunday's yoga festivities than I was yesterday. Second day soreness for the win? It's called delayed onset muscle soreness or muscle fever. {Thanks Wikipedia}. The cause is "eccentric exercise." Although the technical definition is not what I immediately thought of {weird exercise}I think doing a variety of one-legged poses, including one called The Bird, and almost falling on my face qualifies. I guess I should do this Level 2 yoga thing more often.

I came across an article yesterday about a new thing called Snowga being offered at a ski establishment in Connecticut.

{Via we heart it}

Does SNOWGA it sound like a silly dog name to anyone else? Whatever, I think it would be a fun experience. The point is to do a few yoga poses to warm up for skiing, maybe to accomplish something like this:

Unlikely. Meet me on the bunny hill.

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