Friday, January 20, 2012

Quinoa pops.

{Via Time Out Chicago, Don Morris}

I recently discovered this great place Protein Bar downtown. I was unsure at first after hearing that (almost) everything has quinoa in it. Super healthy-pants foods aren't always my thing. But after one bite of their vegan buffalo sauce and omg I'm a convert. Also I pretty much love this drawing I found after googling pictures of the sign since I was too cold / embarassed to linger outside on my lunch break yesterday long enough to snap a fuzzy cell phone picture of the place.

Please disregard the disturbing 14 degrees that appear on my computer screen here. I treated myself to a "barrito" for lunch - that would be a tofu, buffalo sauce burrito. I swear there was a hint of blue cheese in every bite and the pop from each quinoa pearl was very satisfying. Pearl, is that right? It's not the easiest thing to eat at your computer though. Awkward keyboard cleaning was necessary afterwards. I need to experiment with a quinoa recipe at home next!

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