Thursday, January 26, 2012

Food blogs.

Y'all, it has been a dreary few days here. I can't stop thinking about vineyards and wine country.  Arghghgh March needs to get here soon!

I have been on a serious search for food & fitness blogs lately. I know, those two might not go that well together. (Except for you Iowa Girl Eats). Maybe the food blog reading should go first, followed by the fitness blogs? Here's my list so far:

The Food Evalanglist; a mix of recipes with g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. photos and layout. I am drooling over the Purist Pumpkin Pie recipe. I must not have gotten my pumpkin fill this season- it's probably time to fix that asap.

Oh She Glows; chock full of healthy vegan recipes. I'm not vegan, but my dad has been for just over a year (for health reasons) so I like to keep my eyes open for exciting recipes for my parents to try. I really want to make her Basic Oatmeal Squares and Avocado-Lime Black Bean Salad.

Ok, so the new blog list is a bit short. I spent too much time ogling recipes on both of these. My fitness search has been a failure so far too... more updates on that later.

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