Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy day.

{Via BrentDPayne on flickr}

I don't think anyone reads this but... I have exciting news to share.  After 14 months and 7 interviews for various jobs, I am accepting an offer this morning and officially putting in my two weeks notice.  !!!!  This is incredibly exciting for me as I have been unhappy in my current job for a long time and have been quite *underemployed* as they say.  This new opportunity is an amazing one and I feel so so grateful to have made it to the last step.

It is such a relief to be moving on.  I am nervous about the reaction of one of my bosses but today will be a good day.  It's also supposed to be 57 degrees, and last night I got in a solid 4.5 mile run without any winter gear since we're having a little heat wave here.  What are you happy about on this Tuesday? {Just in case anyone does read me...}

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